5 striking Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

5 striking Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

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Whether you have just started a small IT business or opened a cafe, as a business owner, your primary goal would be to attract the attention of your target audience. We can relate to the fact that most of the businesses have gone online in the recent few years. Besides, digital market has welcomed a massive transition with the advent of technology.

Earlier, the strategy makers were reduced to limited options of marketing for the client due to lack of different modes of communication. However with the changing times, we have been introduced to the digital world which provides endless opportunities and prospects of marketing.

There is no shortage of marketing tactics and strategies in today’s web oriented world. All we need to do is prepare right strategy which can provide an effective growth to the business and generate traffic for the same.

Considering the above scenario, I am presenting 5 best digital marketing strategies over here which you can utilize for your business or company:

  1. Setting a goal is the first step

Obviously, you are constantly looking for a number of ways to grow your business through digital media. Every business wants to generate traffic, increase revenue and build awareness about their product among people. However, getting into things blindly and hoping for positive outcome is no less than a mistake! Digital market is vast and huge to an extent that you never come to know if you’re meeting your objectives or not? Set your goals, plan your future and the objectives which you want to meet through digital market in coming years for better growth and branding. This initial step is a backbone of your strategic planning to meet your goal.

  1. Realize the significance of Social Media marketing

Most of the startups rely on the effectiveness of Social Media in order to spread a word about their business in the market. Nevertheless, there are a few who don’t consider Social Media as beneficial at all. Basically, Social Media spreads awareness, improves branding and encourages interaction with audience. It helps in strengthening branding of companies and also generates traffic comprising of audience active on Social Media and follows community page. Most of the feedbacks and reviews about an organization are also received from Social Media channels and community pages. It is advisable to design an organised strategy while assessing the utility of Social Media for your business.

  1. 3. Invest on digital media buying

Whenever we buy a space for advertising our product or company on web, we call it digital media buying. This may include: buying space at Google search or Facebook display ads and even the YouTube ads. This process is comparatively less expensive than buying an ad space in television, newspaper and magazine.

  1. Interactive Mobile video advertising

Mobile video advertising is already 1.5 billion dollars industry and by the year 2018, it is predicated that the industry will grow up to 6.8 billion dollars. Mobile video advertising is a very effective way to connect with the audience by displaying ads while someone is using app or watching videos. Most of the big companies are also using this method of promotion, at present. Startups can invest in this modern method of business promotion as it not that expensive as compared to the other platforms. 

  1. Drive in traffic towards your business

Generally, there are 3 ways to drive traffic:-

  1. Quality content – This process includes writing high quality blogs and articles for your website to engage audience interested in your work.
  1. Operate Social Media– You need to update your Social Media accounts on a regular basis and provide sufficient amount of info to your audience you should also interact with them to increase your business prospects through Social Media.
  1. Visuals – It is essential to use high quality pictures, videos and graphics representing or relating to your business. This in turn attracts audience towards the product

You can try the above stated 5 methods for promoting your business and measure how much amount of growth it has achieved over a period of time. Apart from this, you should also be familiar with “SEO” and “Inbound Marketing”  to witness tremendous growth in web world.

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