Are You Ready For Hybrid Cloud Services?

Are You Ready For Hybrid Cloud Services?

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Hybrid cloud services bring the components of both private and public cloud services together for the maximum benefit to your organization.  If you have multiple businesses you want to tie together in multi-cloud management, hybrid cloud services can provide seamless data integration, when and where you need it.  If your organization wants to keep some data management on-site, while letting cloud services be available as well, a hybrid cloud platform can be just what you’re looking for.

Hybrid Cloud Platform

When your business needs a mix of cloud computing methodologies to arrive at the most efficient and cost-effective solution available, hybrid cloud services combines public, private, and on-premises integration of your data.  Security and maintenance of your data is critical and TIG works to reduce and negate any potential risks or threats that your business might face.  If your business has not yet experienced the benefits of hybrid cloud services, we can help make that transition a smooth one.  Hybrid cloud storage is a supplemental mechanism to help organize your data in both private and public environments, with an overlap between the two that can offer your organization more flexibility.  The best solution to the needs of any business is most often an integrated approach that allows a seamless transfer of information from one level to the next.

When Businesses Merge

Hybrid cloud services are also an ideal solution for two, or more, businesses that have decided to merge together.  With TIG’s AtriaCloud, the transformation of data between the two companies can be successfully unified in a manner that will support the most demanding uptime requirements.  Your business will have access to a vast capacity of memory and dedicated storage capability.  When two businesses merge, it is essential to reduce the amount of downtime required as two potentially different systems need to become engaged with one another.  We are able to deliver a wide range of solutions to tailor customized answers for the needs of each business and then come together as one proprietary structure.TIG conducts workshops with all parties involved to ensure every need is met.

Cloud Transparency

You want your data to be secure, and so do we.  We have a policy of transparency that ensures openness through every level of data migration, storage, and utilization.  As a TIG customer, you will be able to see all facets of your hybrid cloud services, including our:

  • Hardware platform
  • Monitoring capability
  • Security settings and service
  • Alerting capability
  • Network topology
  • Processes as they relate to your data
  • Procedures that allow flexibility and control, while still maintaining security.

Encryption And Security Services

We utilize Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances to provide the highest quality security encryption levels available for your cloud services.  This also includes firewall protection.  As well, when attempts are made to remotely access your cloud services, authentication will go through a two-step process.TIG proudly partners with Trend Micro™ Security, a leader in solving cyber security issues and keeping your data safe.  With Deep Security™ in charge of your data, you can rest assured everything possible is being done to protect your data.

No matter the cloud services your organization wants to employ, our consultants can walk you through the benefits of choosing hybrid, private, or public data storage.  Cloud computing is safe, secure, and it is the most economical choice for your data needs.  We can help you increase the productivity of your business by streamlining the accessibility of your data, while maintaining it with the highest degree of security.

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