FxTrade777 – An Online Forex Trading Platform for Aspiring Pros

FxTrade777 – An Online Forex Trading Platform for Aspiring Pros

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Fx Trade 777 is one of the leading online brokerage firms. It is defined by reliability and quality service provision. Here is a comprehensive review of one of the most trusted online brokerage firms on the internet today.

Comprehensive Brokerage

There are more than just currencies to be traded on FxTrade777. The platform records a high traffic of Forex traders, but users can also trade in over 200 financial instruments including precious metals, energies, and indices.

The platform goes further than just presenting these lucrative markets to users to also enabling them to make the most out of their money-making opportunities. It offers top-quality services that guarantee reliability for traders looking to stay ahead of developments in the market. Some of the advantages of trading via FxTrade777.com are:

  • A Variety of Trading Platforms

You can trade Forex at any time and from any device as it is hosted on a variety of platforms. The MT4 desktop platform works on desktops and PCs as standalone software. The MT4 Web Trader is hosted on the internet and can be accessed on any device with internet connectivity. Finally, the MT4 Mobile is hosted on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices – it is ideal for trading on the go.

  • Low Spreads

FxTrade777 has some of the lowest spreads in the market. The platform has fixed spreads of as low as 0.5 on some of the most popular international assets. It also has variable spreads of as low as 0.8 on a variety of currencies for Forex traders. It even has an exclusive VIP 0-Spreads Account that doesn’t charge spreads on a wide range of assets.

  • Fast Execution

Forex and many other financial markets are incredibly dynamic – positions shift by the second. As such, it is easy to miss out on opportunities if you are slow to execute.

However, this platform executes instantly. This means that you can time your trades by the second and trade them immediately you submit your position – you can also stop trades instantly to maximize profits and avoid losses.

Making Pros Out of Amateurs

This platform makes trading Forex and other opportunities look easy, but it acknowledges the fact that some of its users have not mastered the markets. To this end, it has one of the best trading academies any online broker can offer.

Traders who need some guidance can learn all about Forex through a variety of channels. For starters, the platform has a wide range of e-Books that give an in-depth insight into everything there is to know about trading currencies online. It also has recorded video tutorials of how to determine promising trading opportunities as well as using the diverse platforms.

However, the best learning channel is a live one-on-one training session with a professional and experienced broker. You get to witness a pro-trader trading in real-time and ask any sort of relevant question that you may have.

Financial Reliability

Some online brokers are always looking of ways to exploit their customers’ finances – some impose hidden charges while others defraud their clients outright. However, one of the distinguishing aspects of Fx Trade 777 is that it is reliable and trustworthy.

The platform transacts on a variety of banking platforms including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and POLI. All transactions are confidential and secured by 256-bit RapidSSL, so you don’t have to worry about your finances getting hacked. It is also affordable as the lowest tier account—the standard account—requires a minimum deposit of just $1,000. Considering that it has a leverage of 1:400, you can start with a small amount and rake in thousands of dollars in profits.

Join the Winners

Whether you are just starting out in Forex or an experienced trader looking for a better platform, FxTrade777.com should prove ideal thanks to its distinguished services.

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