Marketing Tools Your Advertising Department Will Love

Marketing Tools Your Advertising Department Will Love

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While it will probably never be resolved whether there can be peace between countries in the Middle East, some would say peace between the Marketing Department and the Sales Department is just as much a dream. While you would think that these two departments would want to work hand in glove to achieve their goals, for many businesses it is like mixing water and oil. They just don’t see eye to eye on the basics and so will always butt heads.

But there are a few places where you can actually find some common ground that will help your Advertising department work with sales and even find a way around the old battle between the departments. Some of it will take using tools that both sides find not only handy to achieve their goals but a great way to narrow the gap between the two departments. Here are a few ideas to get you started down a pathway for peace in our time.

Collaboration Tools

Nothing quite patches up a fight between departments like making them work together as a collaborative team. But if you are finding it hard to make this happen, you might want to consider enlisting the help of a few new software tools that make collaboration between departments a dream.

One of the highest rated software tools for collaboration for sales and marketing departments is Microsoft’s latest dynamics 365 sales software suite. For many companies, this combination of software tools and planning management sets the standard for high end customer satisfaction. The secret is the easy to use dashboard and the ability to follow-up flawlessly on all customer interactions. But this is not the only tool in your toolbox to get these departments working as a team.

Use Competition as a Goal

While we know that many times these departments can be quite competitive when it comes to showing management who rules the roost, this muscle flexing can also be useful for reaching new goals together. The trick is to create a goal that they can only reach by working as a collaborative team and then letting them figure out the best approach to it.

Both departments have a tendency to pigeon hole the other, so when you create a sales and marketing project that requires both departments to share information, the result is often a better understanding of each other’s strengths. It never hurts if they figure out that by working together they get more points with management then they would if they accomplished the mission alone.

Looking Beyond the Numbers

Often when management sits down to discuss department goals, the only thing considered is the bottom line and the numbers that define them. When they begin to look beyond the current numbers and see how a collaboration between departments can create a synergy that solves problems before they happen, new ideas begin to take shape.

By helping management explore new partnerships and breaking down the silos between departments, they may soon see that it is only with true collaboration between departments that they can achieve new bigger goals and truly grow the company as a whole.

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