Tips for Organizing an Employee Break Room

Tips for Organizing an Employee Break Room

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Having an employee break room lets employees know that they can sit down for a few minutes, have a drink or a small snack and relax before heading back to work. Many retail shops use break rooms to give workers a break from the customers who can come in with demands and complaints. Those shoppers are sometimes so rude that employees need to take a break to cool down. Offices and other types of companies can benefit from employee break rooms, but the managers of those facilities need to know how to better organize the space.

Use Large Shelves

An employee break room may be small enough to hold just a few people or large enough for the entire workforce to eat lunch together. No matter how large or small that room is, it’s helpful to put some large shelving units along the walls. Using heavy duty casters on the bottom makes it easy to move those shelves when needed. Those units provide lots of storage space for cooking supplies. Employees can use those shelves to store their bags or other belongings too.

Leave Notes and Instructions

When someone heats up a smelly dish in the microwave, it can leave behind an odor that lingers in the air and permeates other spaces in the building. Leaving a rude note is a passive aggressive note can make the problem worse and leave that employee in a bad mood. Writing down simple notes and instructions after organizing the break room is a much better idea. These notes let employees know what they can and cannot do with all the appliances in the room. Some notes can even serve as reminders on how to use things like the coffeemaker or microwave.

Assign Cleaning Tasks

No one wants to eat in a room that is disorganized, and employees may even skip having meals in the break room because of all the clutter. Making one person responsible for cleaning that room every day or week can make that person feel overwhelmed. Assigning regular cleaning tasks each day is a better option. Many office managers create a simple task sheet that lists the cleaning tasks that need done every day like wiping down the counters, rinsing out the coffeepot and taking out the trash. They then give each worker a different task to do every day.

Invest in Special Organizers

Using special organizers can also help keep an employee break room clean and organized. Break rooms that use a single-serving coffeemaker will find it helpful to invest in an organizer specifically designed for those cups. These organizers spin to show workers all the different options available to them. Step units work well in cabinets and look like small risers. These units keep all the ingredients and supplies that workers use organized inside the cabinets and make it easier to see things usually hidden in the back. Other organizers can hold plates, dishes, mugs and other things that workers use every day.

Break rooms provide employees with the relaxing spaces that they need in the middle of a long day. These rooms can look quite disorganized after a few days though. Assigning cleaning tasks, using organizers and relying on other tips can help keep that break room clean and organized.

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